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Home is where you belong

Ecclesia comes from a Greek word meaning "those who are called out." At Ecclesia, we create a spiritual space that emphasizes authenticity and the radical welcoming of those who scarcely believe they belong–disenfranchised, discriminated against, or locked in clutches of poverty to break bread and provide a sabbath rest for those needing respite.

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Fill your cup

Central to our community is the core belief that in every human heart, an unfilled gap exists. An incomplete search or imperfection that can’t be made perfect. This gap is filled or complimented in an embodied, interconnected community and in the belief in something more significant and beyond ourselves.

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Our spirituali-TEA communities

Ecclesia blends spirituality with technology, education, and arts to create all-inclusive secular and faith-based groups where historically minoritized communities learn from one another, harness their social capital, and find community.

We like to call it spirituali-TEA

Our Goal

Build intentional communities.

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MLIFE support(s) the Sustainable Development Goals.
peace, justice and strong institutions

Many people are leaving religion as we understand it because they're afraid of being shunned, criticized, and rejected for who they are and what makes them human. They are disavowing faith tenets that openly support oppression, hate, and nationalism over liberty, love, and community.

MLIFE's Ecclesia program harnesses the spiritual and social capital of those at the margins, locally and globally, to be heard and answered.

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Our spirituali-TEA communities

Our Spirituali-TEA communities are bonded together by love and acceptance. We are multifaith, multicultural, and multiethnic, centering on the spirituality of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color while welcoming all faiths, colors, nationalities, sexual orientations, and identities to wholeness and justice.

No matter your age, there’s always a way to be plugged in Ecclesia!


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Our LEAP program supports children and transitional youths ages 5-20 years old. Our programming emphasizes reading critically, thinking creatively, writing clearly, and speaking confidently.


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Our MLOVE program is our young adult program for ages 21-34 years old. We model authentic emotional intimacy and self-work for our fellows to love, learn, and lead. We believe we can change the world when we Lead with Love.


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Our RAPID program supports families in need of small financial assistance to meet desperate needs and provides small capital grants for solutionists.


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Our Spaces of Grace program is a welcoming, healing, and affirming space for everyone.


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Our Ecclesia program everyone to donate and engage our communities through mentorship and coaching.

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Join our Sacred Circle.

Ecclesia holds the Sacred Circle every last Tuesday of the month. Times are both in Pacifict Time PT) and East Africa Time (EAT)

  • Mondays - 8 - 9 pm (PT) | 7 - 8am (EAT)

Interested in joining us? All Sacred Gatherings are held via a Zoom call until further notice

The annual fundraising gala.

On the first Saturday in November of each year, we host fifty influencers, movers, and activists from all over the world in the Bay Area, California, for an evening filled with fun and food. Ecclesia is a premier dinner intended to create an intimate and familial space for everyone to relax, socialize, and network.

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Become one of us

We make it easy for you to make a difference. Add your name to our growing list of leaders making change.

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MLIFE is a US 501(c)3 faith-based organization. EIN: 47-4678443. For US citizens and residents: To claim the tax deductibility of this gift in the United States, please retain the acknowledgment receipt for your record.

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Prayer & Resource Line


Prayer & Resource Line

+254 715-853-787

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