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Instituted by Mwangi Mukami in 2017 as Summer Leaders’ Summit & Retreat,

is a premier multidisciplinary and multicultural fellowship for under-resourced high-impacting and high-potential NextGen leaders.

This transformative 12-month experiential leadership program provides young leaders a vulnerable and safe space to be human, collaborate and partner with others, learn from world-class faculty, and become just leaders.

MLOVE Fellows receive a financial stipend, mentorship and coaching, and other tools they need to ideate, define, and execute a strategy that gives them an advantage in a complex and changing world.

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Our Goal

Empower NextGen leaders.

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MLIFE support(s) the Sustainable Development Goals.
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Sub-Saharan Africa has the youngest population globally, with 70% of its population under 30. Almost 2/3 of this population are underemployed and from an economically disadvantaged background. It is Africa's most tremendous potential lying in waste.

Young people lead the MLOVE program for young people. We build a better world by providing the NextGen leaders with a platform to learn, innovate, and connect with others to realize goals that matter to them

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"I take this opportunity to celebrate having met you and becoming your mentee. In my 20s, I was able to get direction in this life and a dream to pursue. Thank you so much for the excellent work you started on this young soul. I celebrate you as my hero. My life began at MLIFE."

Mwangi Ndegwa - 2020 MLIFE Fellow


Applications for the next class of MLOVE Fellows will be open from January 1 through March 31! We do not accept applications for our MLIFE Fellows Program after March 31.


  • Applications open
  • Applications closes
  • Determinations sent
  • Acceptance deadline
  • January 16
  • March 31
  • May 1
  • May 15



Age: 21-35 years


Demonstrated leadership skills or potential growth in for-profit or non-profit organizations


Commitment to learning about intersectionality and inclusion


Remarkable interpersonal skills in writing, speaking or working with others


English language fluency, inclusive of reading, writing and speaking.

Course Components

  • Six 1:1 coaching sessions.
  • Three The Future is Human Leadership Retreats
  • Bi-weekly mentorship sessions
  • (TBD) stipend a month for a whole year
  • 1:1 cohort accountability
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MLOVE welcomes ten Fellows each year to envision their place globally and leverage MLIFE's vast global network, resources, and expertise to realize their education, career, and entrepreneurship goals to impact
the world.

The primary activities of this transformative one-year part-time program include 15-days of required in-person events that
encompass 2-days orientation, 3-weekend community retreats, and a 2-day reunion a year after the program.

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Program Schedule

Orientation / Launch July 31 - August 1

MLOVE Fellows gather with previous year's Fellows to share their expectations and experiences.

1st Quarter / August-October / Communication

We start by first exploring how we communicate with ourselves and the outside world. Reading critically and creatively and the concept of storytelling are used to help us share our ideas better with others.

2nd Quarter / November-January / Entrepreneurship

Next, we explore the strategies needed to excel as an entrepreneur. We focus on legal and tax frameworks and compliance requirements for businesses and entrepreneurs. This module invites entrepreneurs to imagine how their products and services can be people-impacting and mission-driven.

3rd Quarter / February-April / Leadership

Building on the last two modules, we introduce global leadership concepts and explore hard and soft power in leadership, management techniques, and coaching.

4th Quarter / May-July / Fundraising

Now that participants have acquired essential leadership and entrepreneurial skills, we focus on two external keys to success, networks, and funding. In this module, young leaders will create their life plan strategy in these three areas:

  • Resources to advance their careers
  • Funding college education
  • Funding entrepreneurial ideas

Questions? Contact us.

Mwangi M. Ndegwa
Program Director, MLOVE

The Future is Human Symposiums

MLOVE hosts The Future is Human Symposium twice a year. This transformative leadership experience combines networking, relationship building, and thought-provoking discussions by bringing together individuals passionate about driving positive change in their communities and organizations.

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