Happy Pride Month!

Jun 1, 2022 | Church News • Liturgy

Twelve years ago, I wrote my coming-out letter. I told my family and close friends that although I was bisexual and straight-passing, I felt uncomfortable when people assumed I was straight.

When I came out as bisexual, I had everything working for me—a career, a girlfriend, money, and power—but I felt losing them all to live my truth as a gay person was the right decision—a decision I have never regretted.

Public shaming from my coming-out letter was so significant that I went into depression and almost committed suicide. I was ostracized by my church, shunned by my friends, and removed from many roles that I previously qualified for as a straight passing male.

Twelve years later, I am more comfortable in my sexuality than then. It is part of me but doesn’t encompass the whole of me. I have embraced the consequences of my truth-telling.

I am very hopeful that someday, families, communities, and countries will embrace members of the LGBTQ+ communities as deserving of dignity, love, and equal rights as their straight brothers and sisters. I am hopeful we will lessen bigotry and create welcoming and accepting cultures for everyone.

I am also hopeful a picture of me kissing a man I met on Grindr will not attract as much hatred as now. Being human is about loving and caring for others enough to support them realize their happiness. For what is life without love?

Happy pride month!

- m

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